Corporate Sustainability Framework

Stark are guided by our Corporate Sustainability Framework, which covers seven key result areas:

Shareholder Value

Sustaining the company's profitability through value creation, and efficient extraction and manufacturing processes.

Natural Resource Use

Making oil and gas products available at reasonable market prices, promoting efficient use of energy and water, and supporting the use of renewable energy.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

Preventing and eliminating injuries, health hazards and damage to property and conserving the environment.

Product Stewardship

Ensuring that products conform to quality and HSE standards, and meet the needs of society.

Societal Needs

Safeguarding human rights within our sphere of influence, contributing to community needs, investing in training and education, promoting arts and sports, and conducting our business in a transparent manner.

Climate Change

Limiting emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


Ensuring projects and operations do not have significant impact on the diversity of humans, animals and plants.