Health & Safety


Stark is committed to minimizing risk exposure to the employees' health during their assignment and contributing to a healthier life when at home with families through active preventive initiatives.

People's health is multi-faceted and challenged by both medical illness type and occupational risks with potential consequences in both the short and long terms. These health risks vary and are not just related to the work environment.

Health is like a coin with two sides, medical and occupational health.


Stark's operations will always be conducted in an incident-free workplace as we firmly believe that the safety of people underpins our success. Our safety vision above covers all our drilling units and shore-based facilities worldwide. Achieving such a vision is not an easy task, but we know it is achievable.

To accomplish this, Stark has developed comprehensive training and mentoring programs to complement our innovative safety tools and processes which our dedicated team uses to bring all the strategic elements together. After all, we recognize that an incident-free workplace does not come through a focus solely on safety, but from all the elements of our work - and most importantly from our people.

Our work takes us to some of the most amazing places on earth. It is our duty to be aware of the environment around us and to ensure our activity does not adversely affect it.