Stark's expertise and capabilities cover the following five areas of services we offer:

  • Exploration (including seismic and satellite)
  • Production (operate upstream)
  • Refinery (turnkey installations and improvement of existing facilities)
  • Trading (of crude and energy futures)
  • Management Consultancy (business solutions, financing, logistics, government legislation, outsourcing and integrated project management)

Maximizing Yield on Reservoirs

Starks's Africa teams are always ready to work on the most challenging projects. Stark maximizes the value of oil and gas reservoirs in Africa with high-performance drilling, evaluation, completions and production technology, integrated operations, and reservoir consulting. With a comprehensive infrastructure and a strong investment in our workforce, we are capable of delivering solutions to help lower costs, reduce risks, and improve productivity whenever, wherever.

Experience for differential performance

Stark offers differential performance in key areas:

  • Dedicated teams in Africa who collaborate to find the right solution for each project.
  • Access to the right experts, the right technology, and the right data at the right time to maximize the value of every asset in every phase of its life cycle.
  • A life-cycle management focus on reliability that drives continuous improvement in all areas of operations.